Missä Håån kansainvälinen retriittikeskus sijaitsee?

Håå sijaitsee Smoolannissa, Etelä-Ruotsissa. Lähimmät kaupungit ovat 20 km päässä sijaitseva Ljungby (E4-tien varrella) ja 25 km päässä sijaitseva Älmhult (Tukholma-Malmö radan varrella). Hååhon voi matkustaa Suomesta esim. laiva-juna tai laiva-auto yhdistelmää käyttäen. Junamatka Tukholmasta Älmhultiin kestää noin neljä tuntia. Bussimatka Ljungbyhyn noin kuusi tuntia. Omalla autolla ajaen matka Tukholmasta Hååhon taittuu noin viidessä tunnissa. Sopimuksen mukaan sinut noudetaan Älmhultin rautatieasemalta tai Ljungbyn matkahuollosta.
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Lähin kansainvälinen lentokenttä on Kastrup Kööpenhaminassa. Lento Helsingistä sinne kestää puolitoista tuntia. Sieltä pääset junalla kahdessa tunnissa Älmhultiin. 

Ajoita saapumisesi klo 16 ja klo 19 välille. Jos saavut aiemmin Älmhultiin tai Ljungbyhyn voit joutua odottamaan kuljetusta.

Sivun alareunassa on Etelä-Ruotsin kartta ja tarkempi kartta Håån kylästä.

Håån kansainvälinen retriittikeskus ja kylä

joogaa ja meditaatiota varten

Etelä-Ruotsin ja Håån kartta

Accommodation and meals

Håå från stora gräsmattan

 The houses


Haa Retreat Center includes several buildings with gardens and farms in the village of Haa. In the Main House, the Long House and the Rose House, there are single rooms and double rooms with or without private bathrooms, however, all rooms have good access to toilets and showers.

The Long House:

long house


The Rose House:


 The River House and the Hill House are annexes, with additional rooms and facilities.

The River House:



The Hill House:




The Oak Hill:


The Oak Hill is a farm with living quarters for yogateachers, teacher aspirants and other residents of the Ashram.
Here, you also find Kriya Kutir, a house with guest rooms, a second yoga and meditation hall and research possibilities.


Our organic farming is run from Oakhill, and the horse stables are situated here.

Laya with the horse "Turbo"


another farm, is close by with fields and forest:



The Rooms

We allocate the rooms according to the group’s composition and the participants’ gender and age.
If you wish to reserve a single room, or a double room together with a partner, please specify it in your application form. Bed sheets (duvet, pillow and sheets) and towels can also be hired, or you are welcome to bring your own.

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 The food

matsalWe serve vegetarian food, based on organically grown vegetables, most of it from our own fields.

For ten days after the intestinal cleansing, we follow a diet without milk, sugar, spices, raw vegetables and fruit.

The food is healthy and nutritious, selected to make up a balanced diet.20D_2946 

Throughout the course we avoid stimulants, such as coffee, chocolate, black tea and alcohol. If you drink coffee or tea daily, then we recommend that you leave these out of your diet in the days prior to your course, so that you avoid withdrawal symptoms at the beginning of the course.

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to get something out of yoga, but it creates an optimal state and the diet is therefore a con­dition of the course.

In addition to other benefits, scientists have found that this diet considerably helps to decrease the content of harmful cholesterol in the blood.

Regardless of what you eat when you return home, you will benefit from the yoga you have learned here.



 Common Rooms






some evenings we have a shop


 The Riverhouse and the lake Lillsjön, the river Prästabodaån and the lake Hängasjön: